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Surgery in progressYou, your usual veterinarian and your veterinary ophthalmologist form a special three-way relationship of communication which enables us to provide the optimal care for your pet. Your veterinarian will always be updated about the diagnosis and treatment of your pet's condition whilst in our care.

If you live a long way from our clinic, Animal Eye Services is always available for telephone consultation with your veterinarian regarding your pet’s condition. Some distant veterinarians may also email digital photos so that we can more accurately define their patient’s eye condition. We also invite veterinarians to attend our clinic so that they can observe and gain first hand experience in the diagnosis and treatment of different eye conditions.

Because the eye can never be totally divorced from the other structures in the body with which it might be associated, we will occasionally suggest referral onto other veterinary specialists such as internal medicine clinicians, dermatologists or general surgeons.

Referring veterinarians can register for access to additional downloads and information.

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