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Eye Certification for Purebred Dogs

LabradorAnimal Eye Services provides eye certification for pure breed dogs. A thorough examination of the eye is performed, usually after drops to dilate the pupil have been applied. A report is provided outlining any abnormalities found and their significance with respect to effects on vision and their heritability.

Why have eye certification?

Eye certification is important for breeders as it helps to prevent the breeding of purebred dogs which have known genetic eye diseases. Some of these diseases can be both blinding and/or painful to the dog.

Eye certification has been offered for some time throughout the world for breeders of purebred dogs. There are various national eye certification schemes in existence in USA (Canine Eye registry Foundation) in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia.

Dr Bernays is a panellist for the Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES), a certification scheme modelled on schemes in Europe and North America. ACES was started in Australia to standardise the recognition and reporting of hereditary eye diseases in purebred dogs. To learn more about ACES, visit the ACES information page on the Australian Veterinary Association website.

Procedure for eye certification

Please turn up approximately 20 minutes before your appointment so that drops to dilate the pupil can be given. Pupil dilation is important so that the structures in the back of the eye can be examined carefully.

Please make sure your dog has a microchip inserted for positive identification and bring your kennel club registration papers when presenting for eye certification.

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