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What is Ophthalmology?

Eye examinationVeterinary Ophthalmologists deal specifically with diseases of the eye and abnormalities of vision in all animal species except for human primates!

Just as in human medicine the veterinary profession has become increasingly specialised in the last 20 years. The earliest veterinary eye specialists started in North America in the 1950s and 1960s and from there the speciality has grown immensely. There are currently four Colleges in the world which oversee training and conduct examinations leading to the award of either a Diploma or Fellowship which recognises superior or specialist skills in the discipline of veterinary ophthalmology. To gain specialist registration in Australia a veterinarian is required to have obtained such a qualification from one of these colleges.

Whilst the bulk of our work involves treatment of small domestic pets (cats and dogs) we treat horses regularly and we occasionally treat eye conditions in exotic pets, avian species, Australian native fauna and marine mammals.

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